Welcome to Velzy Education. As a single mom who spent years barely making ends meet, I understand the struggle of working a job you don't love while also not knowing how to change. After getting my degree in Design and Marketing, I become passionate about higher education and started working as a professor. I then decided that I wanted to create courses that could help people who may not have the opportunity to attend college. The truth is, you don't need a degree to create a successful business. One that thrives and is elevated by passive income.

Below you will find courses and website templates that will help you start your business to have success right away!

Hey there! I'm Emily Holloway

I am so glad that you are here and I can't wait to get to know you! I am a California girl who grew up on the beach in San Diego, but now reside in Orange County! This is where most of my inspiration and personality comes from. If I wasn't on the beach or at Disneyland, I was traveling the world. My mom inspired my love of rings and we get a new ring in every place that we visit! It is my favorite way to collect memories from my travels. Before I found my passion in design, I was a cosmetologist for 12 years. Nowadays, you are lucky if you can convince me to do your hair! I am a single mom to the best daughter named Avery and a puppy named Roxy. They are my entire world and the light and joy of my life! I am an extrovert and love to meet new people, but I also have an introverted side and can be perfectly content laying in bed or on the beach with a vanilla latte and a good book.

Cove Showit Template

Cove is a landing page template that is perfect for content creators! It would also be great for coaches. photographers, marketing agencies etc. It has a modern and simplistic style which is perfect to showcase what you offer!

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Luna Showit Template

Luna is a stunning website template that is perfect for photographers, designers, creators, and anyone that has a portfolio to show off! Keep the colors black for a moody vibe, or add bright colors to make it fun and spunky! Luna offers something for everyone!

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Salt Showit Template

Salt is a minimalistic and gorgeous website template that is perfect for interior designers, photographers, artists, and anyone else that has a portfolio or gallery to display for potential clients. Salt is sure to elevate your brand and increase your potential!

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